Outstanding in the Field

This is amazing.  Imagine sitting at an incredibly long dining table, all decked out in white linen (the table, not you) and silverware, chatting away with new friends or old, and you're about to be served a gourmet meal made with the freshest ingredients harvested from the land (or sea) your very table is set upon.   Outstanding in the Field is all about honouring "the people whose hard work brings nourishment to the table."

A "roving culinary adventure", settings range from farmer's fields, beaches, coastal cliffs to just about any spectacular setting you can imagine.   Some events take place indoors, in greenhouses, barns or museums.

The cost you ask?  Depending on the remoteness of the location, dinners start at roughly $180 (USD) per person and include a tour of the site, producer discussion, a 5 course meal with wine pairings and all gratuities.  Hhhmmm . . .  So maybe it's more than you might spend on an evening at a restaurant in the city but once you include the parking and stress, wouldn't you pay $200 just once for the chance to sit at one of these long tables and savour the bounty under big sky anywhere?  Sign me up!

North Arm Farm, Pemberton, BC, Canada

Half Moon Bay, CA, USA

Whitty Farms, St-Catharines, ON,  Canada

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