Friday Faves

Welcome to the first of many "Friday Faves"!   This is where I will share some of my personal favorite discoveries.  They may be recipes, movies, books, new fashion bits & pieces or simply fun little items that might make great gifts for someone you know.  Feel free to let me know how much you like them too!

I'm a sucker for T-shirts and jeans.   Whenever I try on a top that's a little on the dressy side, I always ask myself, "Will this work with my favorite jeans?"  If it won't work, I won't buy it.  I love this ruffle collar top from Dyana's Designs.  It also comes in a long sleeve.  Decisions, decisions . . .

Black Ruffle Blouse from Dyana's Designs $45

Next is this elegant, simple bracelet by Beads Story.  I don't wear a lot of jewelry. (I think it goes back to when I was about 6 and my mom let me wear a pair of her mother's old, pretty earrings that I promptly lost while swinging on a tree swing.  Oh the guilt!)   I'd like to think I've become a smidge more responsible over the years but just in case, I prefer to wear simple, handmade bracelets.  This one caught my eye immediately.  Not only would it pair well with a little black dress, it would also look great with your favorite jeans!!  Don't you agree?

Branch Bracelet by Bead Story $19

Lastly, dedeetsyshop has some of the coziest looking pillows I've seen.  Accent pillows can bring some POP to a room but what's the point of a pillow if you can't cozy up with it? 

Pink & White Hydrangea Pillow $35

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