Book Club Notes

Finally done.

I'm sure I'm not alone in this - reading my assigned book for the upcoming meeting, highlighting points (in my head) to bring up in discussion about sections I loved, parts that dragged on (and I may have s k i m m e d  through), bits I just couldn't string together or was just curious to hear if others shared my thoughts on this or that.  But by the time, the meeting rolls around and I'm well into glass of wine #1, I can't recall a single point. 

Hence, the Book Club Note.

I've been mulling this idea around for months and I'm happy to announce, they are finally done.   Not only is there plenty of room to jot down points of discussion, impressions & opinions, etc.,  there is also space to make note of the next selection (author and title) as well as who is hosting the next meeting and what you're on the hook to bring!  Brilliant!

Book Club Notes 8 Double sided cards / pack $15

Here's to the ladies in my Book Club! 
Thanks for the inspiration!