Happy New Year!

No, I haven't lost all my marbles.  I know it's September and for as long as I can recall, September has always felt more like a "new year" than January 1st ever has.   Every September brings change; a change in season, a change in grade or school for the kids and, perhaps a change in  routine for some parents.  January, not so much.
This September is no different.  The kids trotted off this morning (after patiently indulging my need to take the annual back-to-school photo on the front steps), excited about seeing their friends and finding out who their teachers will be.  I find myself checking the clock more often than usual and am feeling reflective and excited all at once.  It was a wonderful summer but time stands still for no mom.  September reminds us that our kids keep growing up, needing us a little less with every passing year. 

So tonight, as you sit around the dinner table, sharing in the excitement of all of this change, raise a glass to what will hopefully be a healthy, happy and wonderful New Year.


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